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Background Music Strategy

10 Minute Read

Create the Perfect Holiday Music Mix for your Retail Store with SiriusXM Business

by Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Media

Retailers know that the holiday season is a time when they can really boost their profits. To take advantage of this opportunity, it’s essential to create a festive and engaging atmosphere for customers. Holiday and Christmas music can set just the right mood for your store. And what better way to do that than with a SiriusXM Music for Business subscription?

Christmas music for business

Christmas and Holiday Music for Your Retail Store

SiriusXM Music for Business has a team of experienced holiday music programmers who create unique holiday channels to fit a variety of environments. Our channels will energize and engage customers, increase foot traffic, and boost sales.

We also provide retailers with a wide variety of themed music channels to ensure the perfect mix for each store. With SiriusXM Music for Business, retailers can rely on professional help to provide the perfect holiday soundtrack for their business. Whether you want fun holiday music, classical selections or something completely different, we have you covered. Looking for holiday music that’s not for Christmas? We have that, too.

Holiday and Christmas Music for Business Tailored to Your Needs

Our experts design each holiday and Christmas music mix to help create a festive atmosphere. With these channels, customers are sure to be entertained and engaged while shopping. The SiriusXM Music for Business team has decades of experience serving music in retail environments. We meet your goals and create the perfect holiday shopping vibe.

With SiriusXM Music for Business, retailers can ensure their holiday music brings joy and excitement to the customer shopping experience. Whether it’s increased shopping time, higher sales, or creating that unmistakable holiday vibe, retailers can rely on SiriusXM Music for Business.

Christmas and Holiday Music for Any Business

Our Christmas and holiday music for business isn’t just for retail stores. Our “work-friendly” holiday music is perfect for any venue. Bars, restaurants, and even banks can benefit from our incredible lineup of holiday mixes. Set the right mood for your business with SiriusXM Music for Business holiday channels. We understand your goals and deliver the music to keep your customers coming back.

Start Streaming Holiday Music for Business Today

A SiriusXM Music for Business subscription instantly connects you with holiday music for business. SiriusXM Music for Business internet radio is easy to use and inexpensive — subscriptions start as low as $26.95 a month. We can also install a music system for your retail store. Contact us to learn about all the great options available with SiriusXM Music for Business.

Contact our team now to learn all the ways your salon can benefit from SiriusXM Music for Business.

The 2023 SiriusXM Music for Business Holiday Lineup

We’ve announced our 2023 Music for Business Holiday Lineup, and it’s sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit! The lineup includes over 20 channels with titles like Holiday Traditions, Country Christmas, 70s/80s Holidays, Cool Jazz Christmas, Radio Hanukkah, and Kids Christmas. There’s something for everyone in the SiriusXM Music for Business lineup, and retailers can select the best channel for their specific needs. Holiday and Christmas music for business has never been so simple. Download the complete Holiday Channel Guide and see the entire holiday lineup, channel numbers, and ways to tune in. SiriusXM for Business has a channel guaranteed to create a unique and memorable holiday shopping experience for your customers:

The Advantages of Using SiriusXM Music for Business During the Holidays

SiriusXM Music for Business provides retailers with holiday music channels crafted for their stores. With a team of experienced music programmers, we create festive playlists that energize and engage customers. Additionally, these mixes are updated regularly to ensure that the music in your store is always fresh and relevant without annoying repetition.

With SiriusXM Music for Business, retailers can find the ideal mix of modern holiday tunes, traditional classics, and so much more. This variety ensures that your store always has a festive atmosphere, regardless of customer age or taste. The wide selection also allows stores to select different music mixes for each section or department of the store. For example, you could play one playlist in the clothing section and another in the toy section.

Finally, retailers who choose our Christmas and holiday music for business can rest assured that their holiday playlists are professionally curated. With experienced programmers designing each mix, stores can trust that the playlist will contain only family-friendly music that doesn’t distract from the shopping experience.

Using SiriusXM Music for Business during the holidays provides retailers a wide range of benefits that can help them achieve their business goals.

Holiday Music Mix

Turn to Us for Holiday and Christmas Music for Business

We provide retailers with a wide variety of holiday and Christmas music for business use. Our experienced team of holiday music programmers creates unique mixes with enough variety to fit any retail store. They design our lineup to energize and engage customers, increase foot traffic, and boost sales.

Once you subscribe, you can use your choice of SiriusXM Music for Business internet player to stream your music.

With SiriusXM Music for Business, retailers can rely on professional programming and support to create an unforgettable holiday shopping experience for their customers.

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