Music for Museums, Art Galleries & Exhibitions

Music in museums isn’t as common as music in coffee shops or restaurants, but it should be. Art gallery music and exhibition music can create a sound environment that relaxes visitors and allows them to connect with the artwork. SiriusXM Music for Business can help you craft the perfect playlists for your exhibits. We have 240+ SiriusXM channels and over 10,000 Pandora Artist Stations to choose from. Contact us today and find the best music for your museum.

Music in Museums

Music for Every Museum

Reflective background music is an exceptional choice for a children’s center, art museum, historical site or related facility. When you choose music for a museum, you create a sensory experience that deepens visitors’ appreciation of the exhibits they view. SiriusXM Music for Business offers legal, licensed music allowing you to do just that. Our exhibition music subscriptions feature:

  • Commercial-free music with no DJ interruptions
  • Programmable, adjustable radio control
  • Family-friendly music in a wide range of genres

Choosing SiriusXM Business for Music in Museums

Our streaming music services for commercial use give curators complete control of the music in their museums. You can unlock exclusive art gallery music with a SiriusXM dedicated player, and you get access to 100+ Xtra Channels with a bundle. Plus, you can take advantage of scheduling and programming options all from one centralized location. With our streaming music and satellite radio, you can choose classical music, smooth jazz or whatever genre best suits your exhibits.

Reflective Background Music

Why Play Music in Museums?

Playing music in museums provides many subtle advantages. Some studies show that music can create an interactive environment that improves concentration. When you choose reflective background music, you can design a musical theme that helps visitors remember the artwork long after they leave your facility. Art museum music can affect how visitors move through the exhibits and influence their overall feelings about their experience.

Stream Music for Museums From Any Compatible Device

With SiriusXM Music for Business, you’re not locked into a specific device. Our streaming music for museums works with a wide range of players. When you subscribe with us, you can stream music from compatible devices like:

  • PC
  • Mobile Phone
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Echo
  • Chromecast
  • Sonos
  • Roku
  • Satellite Radios
  • Dedicated Players

Enjoy Contract-Free Music in Museums

You never have to sign a contract to subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business. With our service, you get to select the best term for your operation. You can stream music in museums for as little as $26.95 per month.

Connect With Your Visitors Today

SiriusXM Music for Business Delivers the Music for Museums That Your Patrons Will Appreciate

Subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business and give your guests the ultimate experience in culture. With over 240 SiriusXM channels and 10,000+ Pandora Artist Stations, we offer music for museums that you can’t find anywhere else. You get unprecedented access to an unlimited variety of music, all for an affordable monthly fee. Contact us today to see the difference SiriusXM Music can make for your museum or art gallery.

Bar Music Streaming

Frequently Asked Questions About Music in Museums

Here are some of the most common questions about SiriusXM Music for museums.

Can You Use a Personal SiriusXM Subscription to Play Music in Museums?

Using a personal SiriusXM subscription to play music in museums violates copyright law and SiriusXM’s user agreement. A SiriusXM Music for Business subscription is the only way to legally stream licensed music in your museum.

We Operate Several Locations. Is There a SiriusXM Music for Business Plan for Us?

SiriusXM Music for Business specializes in multi-site installations. Our expert staff can help create the perfect solution for your system. Each location will need its own SiriusXM Music for Business subscription and player.

Does SiriusXM Music for Business Offer Installation and Setup?

We offer setup and installation solutions for clients of all sizes. Whether you want music in one area or throughout your facility, we have the expertise and knowledge to professionally install and integrate the streaming device of your choice with your audio system.

Can I Block Channels I Don’t Want to Play in My Museum?

Our dedicated hardware players give you the power to block, password protect or hide channels you don’t want to play as music for your museum. You also can access dayparting and overhead messaging with a dedicated player.