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The Grace Digital BR3 player is the most affordable and easy-to-use way to
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Grace Digital BR3 Player

Model: Grace Digital BR3 Player

SiriusXM Sound Station

Player + speaker combo for small offices. Play music anywhere you have Wi-Fi. Requires Streaming Subscription

Sonos Speaker

The all-in-one wireless speaker is also your business music player.
Requires Streaming Subscription

Satellite Radio

For sites with no Internet connection. Get music directly from the satellite and bypass your data network.

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For businesses with high-speed internet access

Satellite Music Package

For businesses that cannot use the internet for music

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Activate your iOS, Android, or Kindle


Activate your existing Sonos speaker

Connected Devices

Activate your Apple TV, Alexa, Chromecast, or any SiriusXM-enabled streaming device

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SiriusXM Business Player

Activate your existing SiriusXM business player

Satellite Radio

Activate your existing Satellite Radio

High-Energy Music For Gyms and Fitness Studios

The right background music for gyms will invigorate and motivate your members. With thousands of tracks to choose from, we offer the best licensed music for gyms, wellness centers, spin studios, yoga rooms, and cross-training facilities. Find the right themes and tempos for your operation at SiriusXM Music for Business.

Music For Gyms

Licensed Gym Music That Keeps Your Members Moving

When you’re looking for licensed gym music, SiriusXM Music for Business has the high-energy exercise tracks your members will love. We offer streaming music for commercial use that includes more than 240 SiriusXM channels and 10,000+ Pandora artist stations. You can select from carefully curated playlists or pick and choose options that will create the ambiance you want for your facility. Subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business and take advantage of features like:

  • No DJ or commercial interruptions
  • Licensed music from today’s top artists
  • Family-friendly options with various genres available

Music Licensing That Sets Your Facility Apart

Gym owners appreciate the freedom that our gym workout music provides. You can select the best background music for exercise and create music zones for each area of your facility. With our streaming music and satellite radio, you don’t have to worry about the legalities of playing background music for gyms. We take care of the licensing, leaving you free to run your facility. Plus, you can gain even greater control of your gym workout music with a SiriusXM dedicated player — schedule music for different parts of the day and block unwanted channels all from one convenient location.

Licensed Gym Music

Keep Members Happy With Exclusive Access to Pandora for Business

You want your members to have the best motivational music for working out. SiriusXM Music for Business offers all that and more. With access to more than 10,000 Pandora artist stations, you can craft the perfect playlists to keep members energized and coming back. Our licensed music for gyms gives you the options you want. Your fitness background and our selection of gym workout music make an unbeatable combination.

Use Any Compatible Device to Stream Licensed Gym Music

SiriusXM Music for Business gives you the flexibility you need when streaming licensed gym music. You can access your subscription from any compatible device. SiriusXM Music for Business works with your:

  • Mobile Phone
  • PC
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Satellite Radio
  • Chromecast
  • Dedicated Player

Subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business and Reach New Heights

Don’t Settle for Just Any Gym Workout Music

SiriusXM Music for Business offers unprecedented customization and optimization for your gym workout music. For as little as $26.95 a month, you can craft the perfect playlists for your customers’ workouts. Enjoy limitless music selections with thousands of options. We offer exclusive music for gyms that other streaming services can’t touch. Plus, there’s no contract required — you can choose the term that makes the most sense for your business. Start streaming today.

Background Music For Exercise

Frequently Asked Questions About Licensed Music for Gyms

Can I Use My Personal SiriusXM Account in My Gym?

Only SiriusXM Music for Business can legally play licensed music for gyms without violating copyright laws. Give yourself the peace of mind you need with a SiriusXM Music for Business subscription.

I Run Multiple Gyms. Is There a SiriusXM Music for Business Solution for Me?

Yes, we specialize in multi-site operations. SiriusXM Music for Business allows you to play legal streaming music in all of your locations, and we even offer discounts for enterprise-level programs.

What Are Xtra Channels?

Your SiriusXM Music for Business subscription includes more than 100 Xtra channels, which provide additional streaming-only, ad-free background music for gyms, giving you optimal customization choices.

Can I Block Channels I Don’t Want to Play in My Gym?

Yes, with a SiriusXM dedicated player, you can block, password-protect, and hide channels that you don’t want played in your facility.