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Look at all SiriusXM + Pandora brings to your business. 

Set your business environment up for success with our SiriusXM Business Music Streaming service. From the customizable controls available with our commercial streaming music services to the diverse array of compatible streaming devices you can stream your music through, explore all the unique advantages of SiriusXM business music streaming below.

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SiriusXM business and commercial music streaming service

240+ SiriusXM
Business Music Streaming Channels

  • More than any playlist can offer
  • Top channels curated by artists and DJs
  • Spanning all major genres and decades
  • From the classics to what’s new, hot, and trending
  • Seasonal and holiday programming to keep your business music vibe relevant
  • Family-friendly and always ad-free
  • Includes 100+ Xtra channels, exclusive business channels, and Pandora Artist Radio.

100+ Xtra Channels
Commercial Music Channels

  • Special business and commercial music streaming channels made for any mood, occasion, or activity
  • Decades, Music Mash, Party, Workout, Cool Down, and Chart Toppers put you in control of your business sound
  • Available on the SiriusXM App, Web Player, Business Players, and most SiriusXM-enabled devices
Over 100 Xtra business music streaming channels
Exclusive business music streaming channels

Business Channels

  • Worry-free channels made to play all day long in your business
  • DJ and interruption-free, exclusive to SiriusXM Streaming Music for Business Featuring Pandora Artist Radio Subscribers
  • Core business music genres like Pop Mix Modern, Adult Alternative, and Work Day Mix

10,000+  Pandora Artist Channels
Personalized for Your Business

  • Create ad-free personalized business music stations with Pandora
  • Pandora Artist Radio gives you a never-ending stream of music from your favorite artists and others like them
Over 10,000 pandora streaming music channels for business use

One business music streaming subscription gives you hundreds of ways to listen

Only SiriusXM + Pandora can do that

Your SiriusXM Music for Business and Commercial use features a Pandora Artist Radio Streaming Subscription and gives you listening access from hundreds of devices. This includes your iOS, Android, Kindle mobile device, Apple TV, Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast, Roku, Sonos, Sony PlayStation, Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Blu-ray players, and any SiriusXM-enabled streaming device.




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