Music for Thrift Stores

Thrifters love a good deal, but they also appreciate a comfortable, inviting atmosphere to shop in. That’s where music for thrift stores comes in. The right background music can create a welcoming environment that sets shoppers at ease and encourages them to buy. With over 240 commercial-free channels, SiriusXM Music for Business offers the perfect licensed music for thrift store owners. Sign up today and get the playlists your customers and employees want to listen to.

Music For Consignment Stores/Shops

The Best Background Music for Thrift Stores

Whether you want to play classics or current hits, SiriusXM Music for Business has you covered with the best music for thrift stores. We’ve curated playlists to suit your specific needs. If you want music for consignment shops that keeps your customers coming back, look no further. When you subscribe to our streaming services, you get music that’s:
  • Commercial-free and interruption-free
  • Licensed and legal for public streaming
  • Family-friendly with various genre options

Music for Thrift Stores That Stands Out

Our 240+ channels offer something for everyone. When you play our music for thrift stores over your sound system, you create an atmosphere that sets your shop apart from others. With so many options available, you can fashion the perfect tone for your store. Our satellite radio and streaming services deliver the music you and your customers and employees want.

Music for Multiple Locations

If you operate more than one shop, SiriusXM Music for Business is here for you. We specialize in multi-site installations and can help design a streamlined system that serves all your stores. With our music for thrift stores, you can create a cohesive brand identity across all your locations.

Music For Thrift Stores

Free Access to Pandora Music Stations

SiriusXM Music for Business offers even more options with exclusive access to Pandora music stations. You can take advantage of 10,000+ stations to craft the perfect soundscape for your clothing store. Our exceptional selection of playlists means you can always find the best music for your thrift store.

Music for Thrift Store Owners From Any Device

With SiriusXM Music for Business, you’re not locked into using a specific device. We provide music for thrift store owners who want full control over what they play — and how they play it. You can stream music from a wide range of devices, including:

  • Mobile Phone
  • PC
  • Echo
  • Satellite Radio
  • Tablet
  • Dedicated player
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Sonos

Music for Thrift Stores With No Contract Required

SiriusXM Music for Business never requires you to sign a contract for any of its playlists, including music for thrift stores. Since we don’t force you into a long-term agreement, you can select the best term length for your business. Your success is our success.

Start Playing Music for Thrift Stores Today!

SiriusXM Music for Business offers everything you want in music for thrift stores. Our options are commercial-free and licensed for public streaming. You can’t go wrong with 240+ music channels and over 10,000 Pandora artist stations. There’s something for everyone in our mix. Plus, subscriptions are just $26.95 a month for unlimited music selections. Subscribe now to get incredible music for consignment shops.

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FAQs and Info About Music for Thrift Stores

As the go-to source of music for thrift stores, SiriusXM Music for Business has the answers you need. Check out the questions below to learn more.

What Is Inappropriate Music for a Thrift Store?

Downbeat, sad songs are considered inappropriate music for a thrift store.

Why Music Matters for Thrift Stores

Music matters for thrift stores because the right playlists will draw in customers, set them at ease, keep them in your store longer and encourage them to purchase more.

What Is the Best Music for Thrift Shops?

Happy songs are frequently the best music for thrift shops, but any tunes that put customers in a mood to shop are excellent choices.

What Tempo of Music Is Good for Retail Environments?

The right tempo of music is the one that matches your brand identity. Upbeat music is often a good option.