Streaming Music Services for Commercial Use

SiriusXM For Business’ commercial music streaming services provide you with SiriusXM and Pandora artist radio, meeting all of your business needs. Choose from thousands of licensed and legal artists and music channels to find the perfect streaming music services for commercial use to keep customers engaged and support your staff through working hours.

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Strike the right chord with specialty music channels developed by experts to match the mood, style and flavor of your restaurant.

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Cafes and Coffee Shops

Make your business a community hub with hot drinks, warm food and a welcoming atmosphere featuring music curated by you.

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Create a soothing experience with SiriusXM’s spa music radio. SiriusXM Music for Business is your top choice for background music for spas.

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Create the right professional atmosphere with licensed music for offices. SiriusXM Music for Business puts you in control.


Retail Stores & Shops

Playing the right background music for retail stores is a great way to improve the shopping experience for your customers.

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Medical Offices

Your patients’ well-being is important, and the best waiting room music maximizes their sense of calm and comfort.

Connect Your Streaming Music Services to Any Commercial Audio Setup

You’ve Got the Speakers, We’ve Got the Music

SiriusXM For Business commercial streaming music services easily connect to any speaker system currently installed in your location. You’ll have instant and simple access to over 200 SiriusXM stations and over 10,000 Pandora artists to provide commercial music streaming services at any hour of the day. Or, you can let our music professionals design the perfect audio system for your establishment at an unbeatable price.

SiriusXM Music For Business from SXMBusiness

What Types of Business Can Benefit From Commercial Streaming Music Services?

  • Retail Stores: Attract customers and keep them in your retail establishment with commercial streaming music services perfect for any shopping experience.
  • Restaurants & Bars: Craft the perfect aura for your customers and staff day and night to fit your unique aesthetic.
  • Medical Offices, Hospitals & Clinics: Bring comfort to the waiting room with upbeat radio that makes waiting times an enjoyable experience.
  • Professional Offices: Motivate employees by overtaking the dull sounds of keyboards and phones with commercial music streaming services that bring focus to your work environment.
  • Hotel & Motels: Let guests walk into a lobby that sets the tone for their stay with commercial streaming music services. Customize your radio to certain areas of your hotel or motel for the ideal ambiance at any location.
  • Health Clubs & Spas: Stimulate powerful workouts or influence calming atmospheres with commercial-free radio perfect for your establishment.
  • Manufacturing: Encourage workers to push through a hard day at the factory with commercial streaming music services that keep them engaged and working hard.
  • Schools & Libraries: Add an extra boost of pep before class or provide soothing tones conducive to reading with radio channels suitable for all ages.
  • Churches: Inspire your congregation before and after service with family-friendly, religious-themed background music channels.

Stream Commercial Music From The Player of Your Choice

The controls are right at your fingertips with SiriusXM For Business commercial streaming music services. We give you the option to stream from the device that best suits your industry’s environment. You can stream from any:

  • Smartphone
  • PC or Mac Computer
  • Connected Devices Like Apple TV, Amazon, Game Systems & More
  • Dedicated Streaming Player
  • Sonos Speaker
  • Satellite Radio Kit

We Don’t Limit You to One Device

When you sign up for a monthly streaming subscription, you’ll have access to your commercial music streaming services through the SiriusXM For Business portal. That means you have access to your favorite music through hundreds of different devices that you can use throughout your business.

Find Complete Control Over Your Streams

With so many players available to choose from, you’ll have complete control over your commercial music streaming services with the press of a button. And, with convenient access from your smartphone, tablet, computer and more, you can change radio stations from anywhere in your business when the mood strikes. Not to mention, you can automatically set daily schedules on dedicated business players to change stations at any time in the day. With SiriusXM For Business streaming music services for commercial use, you have all the control.

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