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Refer a customer who signs up for our message on-hold or background music service and receive a FREE month of service for you and your referral!

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    Mobile and Web

    SXM Mobile App

    Turn your mobile device into your SiriusXM Music for Business player

    SXM Web Player

    Turn your computer into your SiriusXM Music for Business player

    Dedicated Player

    Grace Digital BR3

    Great for any business. As easy to use as a regular radio. Connects to any audio system. Our most popular player!

    Smart Devices


    Play SiriusXM Business Music over your Sonos speakers and control the music from the Sonos App

    Connected Devices

    Apple TV, Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast, Roku, and hundreds of SiriusXM-enabled devices.

    Satellite Radio Package

    Satellite Radio Kit

    For sites with no Internet connection. Get music directly from the satellite and bypass your data network.

    or call 844-229-1217

    M-F, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

    Streaming Music Package

    For businesses with high-speed internet access

    Satellite Music Package

    For businesses that cannot use the internet for music

    Listen on a device you already own

    Start Streaming Now >>

    Mobile Device

    Activate your iOS, Android, or Kindle


    Activate your existing Sonos speaker

    Connected Devices

    Activate your Apple TV, Alexa, Chromecast, or any SiriusXM-enabled streaming device

    PC or Mac

    Listen on your internet-connected computer

    SiriusXM Business Player

    Activate your existing SiriusXM business player

    Satellite Radio

    Activate your existing Satellite Radio

    Extended Warranty

    Help us keep your music playing. Join the thousands of clients who have benefitted from our extended warranty program.

    Reduce Downtime

    • Our extended warranty provides an advance replacement. The manufacturer's warranty does not.
    • In other words, we will immediately send you a new player if yours breaks.
    • Without the extended warranty, if your player breaks, you'll have to send it to our warranty team for analysis before we can replace it.
    • This process can take a 7-10 days between shipping and testing.

    5 Year Coverage Options

    • Business players operate 24x7, often in environments hostile to electronic devices.
    • The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on this player.
    • Our extended warranty will provide replacement coverage for 5 years from your date of purchase.


    • Our goal is to keep your music playing.
    • This is why we make the extended warranty so inexpensive.
    • For the price of $1.00 per month, this is the best insurance you have agaisnt silence in your business.