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Enhance Your Business with Music: 7 Advantages of a Commercial Music Service

by Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Media

Business owners and managers across a wide range of markets know that playing music can benefit their customers, employees and bottom line. And many have found that a commercial music service is the best way to offer up the music that customers and employees want to hear.

Commercial Music Service

This article will review the top seven reasons for using a business music streaming service — and the advantages it can have for your operation.

Benefits Of Commercial Music Streaming Services For Business

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1. Streaming Music Services for Business Are Legal

Businesses need to be careful how they play music in their establishments. Using a personal music subscription or the radio can violate copyright law and incur substantial fines. The performing rights organizations that monitor copyright issues are vigilant and frequently file infringement lawsuits against various companies. But streaming music services for business include all the necessary licenses, allowing you to play music legally and safely.

2. Commercial Music Streaming Is Interruption-Free

The best commercial music streaming offers features like commercial-free music without DJ interruptions. Many businesses try to create an immersive environment for their customers, but commercials and incessant DJ chatter can ruin the atmosphere. Commercial-free music streaming solves that problem.

Commercial Free Music

3. Commercial Streaming Services Put You in Control

When you play the radio in your business, you’re left to the whims of the broadcaster’s programming. But when you use commercial streaming services, you control the type of music played. The best streaming services for commercial use allow you to choose music genres and strip out songs that don’t match your vibe. They also provide clean alternatives for family-friendly establishments.

Choose SiriusXM Music for Business as Your Commercial Music Service

SiriusXM Music for Business offers all the legal, fully licensed music you want to play in your establishment. Our commercial music service lets you craft the perfect customer experience with classic selections and tracks from today’s top artists. Subscriptions start at just $26.95 per month. Contact us today to take advantage of everything we offer.

4. A Commercial Music Streaming Service Offers the Ultimate in Convenience

With a commercial music streaming service, you get hundreds of curated streams and playlists for maximum convenience. It’s easy to find the right music for your business. There’s no fumbling through multiple CDs or switching radio stations. The best music streaming services also let you choose your streaming device to make things even simpler. SiriusXM Music for Business lets you stream from any compatible device, including PCs, mobile phones and smart speakers.

5. Business Music Streaming Provides Custom Messaging

Overhead messaging can be essential for many businesses, allowing them to convey important information to customers. With business music streaming, you can easily craft the messages you want to send.

Business Music Streaming

6. A Commercial Music Streaming Service Is Cost-Effective

Purchasing songs one by one can be time-consuming and expensive. Securing the necessary licenses from performing rights organizations is also costly. A commercial music streaming service is more affordable than these options. For instance, with SiriusXM Music for Business, monthly subscriptions start at just $26.95.

Commercial Free Music Streaming

7. Commercial Streaming Services Give You All Music’s Benefits

From lowering customers’ stress to boosting revenue, there are numerous documented benefits to playing music in your business. Commercial streaming services let you take advantage of all those benefits by giving customers a better experience and taking your business to the next level.

Trust Your Commercial Music Service Needs to SiriusXM Music for Business

Streaming music has never been easier. Our commercial music service allows you to access over 240 commercial-free music stations and 10,000+ Pandora playlists. Start streaming now and see the difference SiriusXM Music for Business makes.

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