Are the Holiday Channels not showing on your player? Get help here.

SiriusXM Business Holiday Channels:
Create an Extraordinary Holiday Season

With SiriusXM redefine your atmosphere, surprise your customers, engage your employees.

Experience the Magic of Festive Music with SiriusXM

Explore the Melodies of Diversity:

SiriusXM: Your music curator. Tune in to our ad-free collection of holiday genres, unified in spirit but diverse in tonality, ready to illuminate your business with traditional, contemporary, and myriad other styles. You set the ambiance; we provide the notes.

Uninterrupted Harmony:

Keep the holiday rhythm flowing seamlessly with SiriusXM’s unrivaled streaming and satellite services. No more buffering hiccups or untimely disruptions. Harmony, your way, anytime, anywhere.

Embark on a Musical Journey, No Strings Attached:

Curious about the SiriusXM experience? Here’s a free front-row ticket. No commitment, no credit card. Just a risk-free journey through our sonic world.

An Unwavering Trust, 20 Years Strong:

We’re not just a musical service; we’re a trusted partner to thousands of businesses. SiriusXM is your trusted audio companion guiding your business through the seasons, year after year.

Starting November 8th, SiriusXM’s 2023 Ad-free Holiday Lineup for Businesses

Transform your business environment this season with SiriusXM’s ad-free Holiday and Christmas Music Channels. Dive into a diverse offering of traditional yuletide melodies, nostalgic Christmas carols, contemporary pop celebrations, classic country festive tracks, soulful holiday hits, spirited Hanukkah music, and more.

Spark Holiday Joy: Transform Your Business Environment with SiriusXM

This holiday season, go beyond the ordinary. Light up your business environment with harmonious sounds from SiriusXM. Amplify the spirit of the holiday season within your walls. Reach out today and begin the transformation.

Channels like…

Ready to redefine your Holidays? Dive into the SiriusXM experience now!

Are the Holiday Channels not showing up?

A simple power cycle of your device is needed to enjoy these channels.

Here’s how to power cycle your player and access the holiday channels:

  1. Turn off your player
  2. Unplug it from the wall for 10 seconds
  3. Plug it back in
  4. Navigate to Home > Categories > All Channels > and select your preferred holiday channel.

If you need more assistance, call our technical support team.  586-978-4214

Holiday Streaming Music For Business

Plate and Silverware Icon


Strike the right chord with specialty music channels developed by experts to match the mood, style and flavor of your restaurant.

Coffee cup icon

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Make your business a community hub with hot drinks, warm food and a welcoming atmosphere featuring music curated by you.

Spa candle and towels icon


Create a soothing experience with SiriusXM’s spa music radio. SiriusXM Music for Business is your top choice for background music for spas.

office desk icon


Create the right professional atmosphere with licensed music for offices. SiriusXM Music for Business puts you in control.


Retail Stores & Shops

Playing the right background music for retail stores is a great way to improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Medical Symbol

Medical Offices

Your patients’ well-being is important, and the best waiting room music maximizes their sense of calm and comfort.

Music for Franchises


Effortlessly play music in multiple locations, creating brand consistency across your franchises.

Music For Dentist Offices

Dentist Offices

Dental appointments often fill people with dread, but you can soothe anxious patients with the right dentist office music.

Music for Dispensaries


The right dispensary music can set the mood and help your customers feel welcome.

Optometry Practices

Optometry Practices

Playing music in optometrist offices and eye care centers is a great way to set the mood for your patients.

Bank Icon

Banks & Financial Instuitions

Playing music at banks and credit unions can calm customers as they wait in line and reduce their stress.

Gym Icon

Gyms & Fitness Studios

Motivate your members with music for gyms, wellness centers, spin studios, yoga rooms, and cross-training facilities.

Property Management Organizations

Property Management

Playing the right music for commercial and residential properties can be a fantastic component of your branding strategy.

Music Streaming Service for Bars and Pubs

Bars and Pubs

The right bar music can create the perfect atmosphere for your establishment and keep your patrons happy.

Music for Museums, Art Galleries & Exhibitions

Museums, Art Galleries & Exhibitions

The right music can relax visitors and allow them to connect with the artwork.

Music for Latin Business Locations

Latin Businesses

Streaming music for Latin businesses is easy with a complete range of Latino music channels.

The Best Music Streaming Service for Hotels and Resort Owners

Hotels and Resorts

Forge an instant connection with guests with songs that create the ideal ambiance in your hotel, resort or casino.

Music for Wineries


Whether they’re sitting by a vineyard or checking out a tasting room, music enhances your customers’ experience.

Music for Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores

Thrifters love a good deal, but they also appreciate a comfortable, inviting atmosphere to shop in.

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