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5 Benefits of Playing Background Music in Offices

by Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Media

music in the office

Are you thinking about playing music in the office, but you’re unsure how your employees will respond? Science is on your side with several benefits attributed to background music for offices.

Music In The Office

This article will look at various types of office music, along with benefits like:

Top 5 Benefits of Background Music for Offices

Listening to music in the office can make a real difference in your employees’ day. Good office music can be a boon in nearly any work environment. With the right approach, music in the workplace delivers significant advantages. The top benefits include:

1. Drowning Out Distractions

Offices are full of all sorts of sounds — buzzing overhead lights, clanking photocopiers, noisy coworkers. These can cause considerable distraction, especially when employees can’t leave their desks and need to concentrate on their work.

Played at an appropriate volume, office music can mask background noises, removing the distractions that keep your employees from completing their tasks.

2. Boosting Employees’ Mood

Everybody has an off day once in a while, whether because of stressors at work or home. Regardless of the cause, one bad attitude can affect your entire workforce. Music in the office can change that, improving the mood of employees and their ability to concentrate on work and remain productive. Music enhances a person’s mood by releasing the dopamine hormone, creating a sense of pleasure. Happier employees ensure a calmer, more productive workplace.

3. Increasing Motivation

Keeping employees motivated is a never-ending task, but workplace music can help. Because music engages the body’s sympathetic system, it helps prepare the body to take action in the face of a challenge. Music in the office can help keep employees alert and ready to tackle whatever comes next.

Music In The Office

4. Improving Productivity

Greater productivity is a goal for any workplace. Several studies have found a direct link between music and productivity. One study showed that listening to music improved people’s ability to recognize numerals, allowing them to work more quickly. Other research noted that listening to music boosted creativity and productivity in several groups of software designers. Office music can likewise help keep your employees productive throughout the day.

5. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety directly affect a person’s ability to work, hurting their motivation and productivity. Music in the office can provide a one-two punch, combatting both feelings. We’ve already discussed music’s ability to release dopamine and increase a sense of pleasure. But it also reduces the levels of cortisol in the body, helping to relieve feelings of stress. Employees who don’t have to combat stress and anxiety can be much more productive.

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Music In The Office

Factors That Affect Background Music for Offices

Background music for offices can provide many benefits, but it has to be handled properly. Consider these factors as you select music for your office:
  • Affinity: Likable, joyful music can make time feel like it’s passing by quicker, helping employees get more done during the day.
  • Tempo: A faster tempo can promote feelings of excitement, happiness, liveliness and delight, all of which boost the mood of employees.
  • Lyrics: Music with words has been found to distract people when reading and writing. Instrumental music may be the better choice if you want your employees to keep their focus.
  • Volume: Loud music interferes with reading comprehension, so you’ll want to be careful of the volume you select for your office music.

The Best Types of Music in the Office

When you’re ready to play music in the office, you want to make the best selections for your workplace. You should consider:
  • Classical music: Some studies point to the so-called Mozart effect — a temporary improvement in the spatial reasoning skills of people who’ve listened to music by Mozart. Regardless of the validity of the effect, classical music hits all the right notes for appropriate workplace music.
  • Different instrumental tracks: Electronic dance music and piano selections are other good examples of music that can be appropriate for offices since they offer a variety of rhythms and tempos.
Music In The Office

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