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Background Music Strategy

15 Minute Read

Mastering Retail Store Music: How to Create Playlists That Engage Customers

by Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Media

In the fast-paced world of retail, creating a captivating in-store experience is essential for attracting and retaining customers. The right retail store music playlist is an often underestimated factor that can make a significant difference in sales. But curating the best music for their retail stores poses a considerable challenge for many store owners and managers.

Retail Store Music Playlist

Selecting a music playlist that resonates with your brand, engages your target audience and enhances the shopping experience is more complex than it may seem. Finding the ideal balance becomes an ongoing struggle with countless music genres, diverse customer preferences and the need to create a unique ambiance.

The wrong retail store music can hurt your business. Imagine a store that plays music that clashes with its brand image or fails to connect with its target audience. The result? A disconnected atmosphere that fails to engage customers, diminishes the overall shopping experience and leads to missed sales opportunities.

SiriusXM Music for Business understands how to make your retail store’s music playlist an asset rather than a liability. This article will share strategies and insights to help you overcome the hurdles of playlist selection. We’ll explore how to create an inviting soundscape that captures attention, sets the desired mood and boosts customer engagement.

Psychology and Retail Store Music

The psychological effects of retail store music are real. Numerous studies show that different types of music directly impact customer behavior. For instance, researchers found that unfamiliar music led consumers to shop longer.

Another study reported that playing French music in a wine shop led to greater sales of French wine, while German songs boosted purchases of German wine. Other researchers linked slow tempos with increased daily sales.

Music also can affect customers’ perceptions. One report indicated shoppers perceived their wait times in line as shorter when listening to uptempo music or louder songs.

Selecting the right retail store music can help you take advantage of these trends, increasing customer satisfaction and your store’s bottom line.

Stream Your Favorite Retail Store Music Playlist With SiriusXM Music for Business

Put music psychology to work for your business and find the best retail store music playlist at SiriusXM Music for Business. We offer 240 music channels and 10,000+ Pandora artist stations, giving you nearly unlimited possibilities. And you can’t beat the price — just $26.95 a month. Start streaming today and take advantage of everything we offer.

Brand Identity and Music for Retail Stores

Before selecting music for retail stores, you need to understand your store’s brand identity. Your brand encompasses the unique personality, values and attributes that set your store apart from competitors. Defining your brand identity lays the foundation for curating a music playlist that matches your store’s image and your target audience.

To define your brand identity, start by asking yourself essential questions:

  • What is the overarching message or story you want to convey to customers?
  • What values and emotions do you want your brand to evoke?
  • How would you describe your store’s personality? Is it sophisticated, fun or laid-back?
  • What are the visual elements, such as colors and logos, associated with your brand?

By establishing a clear brand identity, you can ensure that your retail store music playlist becomes an extension of your brand, reinforcing your desired image and shaping customer behavior.

Music For Retail Stores

Retail Store Music and Your Target Customers

Knowing your target customers is equally vital when selecting your ideal retail store music. Different demographics and customer segments may have varying musical preferences and responses. Take the time to identify and analyze your target audience, considering factors such as age, gender, location, interests and lifestyle.

To identify your target customers, you can:

  • Conduct market research: Gather data and insights about your existing customer base and potential customers through surveys, interviews or online analytics tools. Understand their preferences, habits and what interests them.
  • Study your competition: Analyze the music choices of stores similar to yours that cater to the same target audience. This can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.
  • Engage with your customers: Interact with them in-store and online to gain firsthand knowledge of their musical preferences. Consider feedback, comments and requests related to the music played in your store.

Aligning Music For Retail Stores With Brand and Customer Preferences

Once you clearly understand your brand identity and target audience, the next step is to align them with your music for retail stores. Your choices should reflect and enhance your brand’s personality while resonating with your customers’ preferences.

Consider the following tips for matching your retail store music playlist to your brand and customer preferences:

  • Genre and style: Select music genres and styles that reflect the mood and ambiance you want to create in your store.
  • Tempo and energy: Consider the tempo and energy levels of the music you choose. Faster-paced and energetic music can create a lively air, while slower and softer tunes can promote relaxation and reflection. Strike a balance based on your brand’s vibe and the desired shopping experience.
  • Consistency across touchpoints: Ensure that the music you play in-store matches the music used in your marketing campaigns, website and social media platforms. Consistency across touchpoints helps reinforce your brand identity and creates a cohesive customer experience.

By pairing your retail store music playlist with your brand identity and customer preferences, you can create a harmonious and immersive environment that echoes your target audience’s interests. This, in turn, can enhance customer engagement and behavior.

Background Music For Retail Stores

Selecting the Best Music for Retail Stores

We’ve discussed music psychology, brand identity, target audience and their effect on selecting a retail store music playlist. Now let’s identify the best music for retail stores.

Grocery Stores

For a grocery store, the music selections should create a comfortable environment for shoppers. Here are some suggestions for music that can enhance the grocery store experience:

  • Easy listening and soft pop: Play popular songs from various decades in a soft pop or easy listening style. Include light and catchy tunes that create a positive and relaxed feeling.
  • Instrumental or ambient music: Choose instrumental tracks or ambient music to provide a soothing backdrop. Gentle piano, acoustic guitar or soft electronic tracks can enhance the shopping experience without distracting customers.
  • Upbeat background music: Light, cheerful tracks with moderate tempos maintain a positive and vibrant ambiance. Upbeat genres such as pop, folk or light rock can keep the energy level from becoming overwhelming.

SiriusXM Music for Business offers the best music to play in retail stores and grocery stores of all kinds. Examples include:

  • Channel 10 — Pop 2000 Hits
  • Channel 69 — Escape
  • Channel 310 — Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores usually represent a quick in-and-out situation for customers. However, creating an inviting atmosphere that appeals to a diverse range of consumers is still essential. You should consider:

  • Pop and Top 40 hits: Incorporating popular pop music and current Top 40 hits can create a familiar and upbeat ambiance. They have broad appeal for a wide range of customers from various age groups and backgrounds.
  • R&B and soul: These genres can add a smooth and soulful touch to convenience stores. They often feature catchy melodies and expressive vocals, enhancing the overall shopping experience and creating a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • Adult contemporary: This music encompasses easy listening, soft rock and pop elements. Adult contemporary songs offer a versatile blend of mellow and uplifting tracks that can cater to many customers, creating a pleasant environment suitable for various shopping preferences.

SiriusXM Music for Business provides the best retail store music for convenience stores with an array of appropriate options, such as:

  • Channel 02 — Top 40 Hits
  • Channel 48 — R&B Hits
  • Channel 693 — Family Friendly Pop

Thrift Stores

For thrift stores, the music selections should create a welcoming, enjoyable environment that complements the eclectic and unique nature of the store. Here are some music selections that can enhance the thrift store experience:

  • Retro and vintage hits: Incorporate popular songs from past decades, especially those associated with the merchandise found in the thrift store. Songs from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s can create a nostalgic and fun atmosphere, appealing to customers who appreciate vintage items.
  • Alternative and indie rock: Choose alternative and indie rock genres in line with the indie spirit often associated with thrift stores. This music can create a laid-back vibe, perfect for customers with an affinity for independent fashion and unique styles.
  • Folk and Americana: Consider including folk and Americana music that evokes a sense of authenticity and storytelling. These genres can enhance the vintage and rustic ambiance of the thrift store, attracting customers who appreciate the charm of folk music and the spirit of American roots.

SiriusXM Music for Business offers the best background music for retail stores, including these favorites for thrift shops:

  • Channel 07 — ’70s Pop Hits
  • Channel 28 — Adult Alternative
  • Channel 741 — The Village

Fashion Boutiques

Like other retail outlets, fashion boutiques must match their music to their brand identity and target audience. Possibilities include:

  • Contemporary pop or indie music: Create a trendy, upbeat vibe that works with a younger demographic.
  • Smooth jazz or lounge music: Establish an elegant and sophisticated ambiance for high-end fashion boutiques.

Perfect examples of these genres are available in the SiriusXM Music for Business catalog:

  • Channel 05 — Pop Mix Modern
  • Channel 714 — Indie 1.0
  • Channel 66 — Smooth Jazz

Sports Apparel Stores

When a sports apparel store selects the right retail store music playlist, it creates a relevant atmosphere for customers and differentiates itself from competitors. Owners or managers of these stores should choose from:

  • Upbeat rock or sports anthems: Generate excitement and enthusiasm, capturing the energetic spirit of sports and fitness.
  • Pop or electronic music with a motivational tone: Inspire customers to stay active and reach their fitness goals.

You can find the best music to play in retail stores at SiriusXM Music for Business with sports apparel store choices like:

  • Channel 25 — Rock Hits
  • Channel 27 — Deep Tracks
  • Channel 15 — Mosaic

General Retail Stores

For general retail stores, the music options should be versatile and appeal to a wide range of customers. Here are some music options that can create a pleasant and engaging climate in general retail stores:

  • Pop hits: Incorporate popular pop hits from various eras and genres. Pop music has broad engagement and can affect a wide demographic, making it a versatile choice for general retail environments.
  • Soft rock: Choose soft rock tracks that offer a balanced, easy-listening experience. This genre typically features melodic songs with gentle rhythms, creating a background ambiance that suits different customer preferences.
  • Instrumental music: Consider instrumental tracks that provide an unobtrusive backdrop. Soft instrumental music or ambient tracks can enhance the shopping experience without distracting or overpowering customer conversations.

SiriusXM Music for Business features Xtra Channels that are just right for general retail stores, like:

  • 2K to Now Pop Hits
  • 90s Mellow Hits
  • Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

Frequently Asked Questions About Retail Store Music Playlists

As the go-to source for retail store music playlists, SiriusXM Music for Business has the answers you’re looking for. Read the questions below for the details you want, and be sure to visit our full FAQ page for additional information.

Best Music For Retail Stores

Does Music Increase Sales?

Yes, music can increase sales. Research shows that music can keep customers in your store longer, giving them more opportunities to make purchases.

Why Do Retail Stores Play the Same Songs Over and Over?

Retail stores likely play the same songs on repeat because they only have access to a limited music catalog. Outlets that use a service like SiriusXM Music for Business have millions of songs at their fingertips.

What Music Should Be Played In a Retail Store?

Retail stores should play music that matches their brand identity and target audience. That could mean pop songs for grocery stores, indie rock for thrift shops or rock anthems for sports apparel stores.

How Does Music Affect Customers?

Music affects customers in many ways, like compelling them to stay longer in stores, shifting their perception of wait times or persuading them to buy different products.

Find the Right Retail Store Music Playlist at SiriusXM Music for Business

SiriusXM Music for Business makes finding the best music to play in retail stores easy. With a vast collection of curated music channels and expertly crafted playlists, we have the perfect solution for creating an immersive and engaging shopping experience. From pop hits to soothing melodies, our diverse selection covers every genre and mood, ensuring there’s something for every customer and brand. Subscribe today and discover why SiriusXM Music for Business is the ultimate choice for retail store music playlists.

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