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Background Music Strategy

7 Minute Read

Pandora for Business vs. SiriusXM for Business: Which is Right for You?

by Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Media

Selecting the most suitable background music service for your business can be challenging due to the multitude of options available. Two leading contenders in this market are Pandora for Business and SiriusXM Music for Business. In this article, we will thoroughly examine the features and benefits of both music streaming services to help you make an informed decision for your business.

Pandora For Business

Music Catalog Size

When assessing a background music service, the size of the music catalog is a crucial factor. SiriusXM Music for Business boasts an impressive catalog of around 40 million songs, providing over 240 commercial-free music channels and an additional 100 Xtra channels for various holidays and occasions. Conversely, Pandora Music for Business has a considerably smaller catalog, with approximately 1-2 million songs. Although still substantial, SiriusXM’s more extensive licensed music library offers greater depth and variety for your business.

Siriusxm For Business

Music Licensing

Both SiriusXM for Business and Pandora for Business provide licensed catalogs that are legally approved for commercial use. Consequently, the music played in your establishment is authorized, ensuring compliance with copyright laws and avoiding potential legal ramifications.

Central Management Portal

The central management portal provided by SiriusXM Music for Business offers greater flexibility and convenience compared to Pandora’s portal. With SiriusXM’s portal, businesses can manage their music and messaging campaigns from any location with internet access, allowing for remote management of multiple locations and ultimately saving time and resources.

On the other hand, Pandora’s portal only allows management while connected to the same network as the player, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming, particularly for businesses with multiple locations requiring travel to manage each player.

Player Types

The type of player offered by each service significantly impacts their flexibility and convenience. SiriusXM Music for Business provides a range of player types, including dedicated hardware players, a player app, and a web player, granting businesses more options. A dedicated hardware player is a standalone device designed to play music from the service, ideal for businesses seeking a dedicated solution without requiring a computer or internet connection. The player app and web player enable businesses to use their devices to play music, offering additional convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Pandora Radio For Business

In contrast, Pandora Radio for Business only provides a dedicated hardware player, limiting flexibility and convenience. This means businesses must purchase a player to utilize the service, restricting music playback to that specific device. While a dedicated hardware player offers reliability, it may not be the most flexible or cost-effective solution for all businesses.

U.S.-Based Technical Support

Reliable technical support is essential for any background music service. SiriusXM for Business offers U.S.-based technical support, ensuring businesses can easily contact a support representative during regular business hours. In comparison, Pandora Music for Business provides support through an offshore call center, which may be less efficient and responsive.

Free Trial

SiriusXM Music for Business and Pandora for Business differ in their approach to free trials. SiriusXM provides a 30-day free trial, enabling potential customers to explore features and benefits before committing to a subscription. Pandora Radio for Business, however, does not offer a free trial due to its reliance on a hardware player, necessitating a purchase before trying the service, which can be a significant barrier for businesses.

Although Pandora does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, the process of returning the hardware player can be inconvenient. SiriusXM’s free app for trialing the service is a more flexible approach, allowing potential customers to evaluate the service before purchasing, ensuring they make the best decision for their business.

Pandora For Business Use

Music Scheduling

Both SiriusXM for Business and Pandora for Business provide central management portals to their customers, allowing business owners to schedule music for specific times and dates. This feature makes it easy to tailor music for different occasions and seasons, creating the perfect atmosphere for customers. Automated music scheduling enables business owners to focus on their operations without worrying about manually changing the music every few hours.

Commercial-Free Experience

Pandora Music for Business and SiriusXM Music for Business both offer a 100% commercial-free experience, ensuring no interruptions from advertisements or commercials during music playback. This feature is vital for businesses as it helps maintain a consistent and uninterrupted experience for customers and employees.

Furthermore, it guarantees that the music is not disrupted by loud or unsuitable commercials that may conflict with the brand image or the desired ambiance of the business. In the end, a commercial-free experience contributes to a more professional and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

In conclusion, both Pandora for Business and SiriusXM Music for Business offer a range of features and benefits for businesses seeking a background music service. SiriusXM for Business generally provides a more extensive music catalog, greater flexibility with player types, more convenient central management, and U.S.-based technical support. However, both services offer music licensing, scheduling capabilities, and a commercial-free experience. Ultimately, the choice between these two services will depend on your business’s specific needs and priorities. By carefully considering the features and benefits discussed in this article, you can make an informed decision on the best background music service for your business.

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