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SiriusXM Web Player

Get the SiriusXM web player for business for PC, Mac, or any internet-connected computer

Web Player Sirus XM

Use the SiriusXM Web Player to turn your computer into a music player

This is the stuff computers dream about. Turn your PC, Mac, or dusty old desktop into your business web player. Log on to the SXM Web Player and connect to all 240+ SiriusXM channels, exclusive business content, 100+ Xtra Channels, and Pandora Artist Radio. Stream music using the SiriusXM web player, your computer will love you for it.

Here’s what you’ll need
  1. A computer that is connected to the Internet
  2. A SiriusXM Music for Business Streaming Subscription
  3. The ability to connect your computer to your business audio system.
$26.95 per month Free Web Player You’ll have music in minutes

Is the SiriusXM Web Player right for you?

Web Player Benefits
  1. No hardware player purchase is required
  2. Works on any internet-connected computer
  3. Only takes minutes to set up
  4. Easy to access and use 


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Features of SiriusXM Web Player

With the SiriusXM web player for business, you’ll have access to music in minutes, with no ads and no player purchase required. Utilize your existing PC, Mac or any computer and take advantage of music for business from SXMBusiness.

Music in Minutes

Log in to the Web Player, enter your username and password, and you’ll be playing music in minutes.

No Player Purchase

Use your PC, Mac, or boring old desktop as your SiriusXM Music for Business player. 

SiriusXM Music

240+ SiriusXM channels with exclusive business content and 100+ Xtra channels.

Pandora Artist Radio

10,000+ Pandora Artist Stations that you can customize using thumbs up/down.

Family Friendly Lyrics

Our business lineup offers family-friendly options with no explicit content or suggestive lyrics.

Avoid Ads & Interruptions

You’ll never hear ads, interruptions, or DJs on any of our dedicated business channels.

New Music Discovery

The SiriusXM Web Player will recommend new channels and Pandora stations based on your listening habits.

Licensed and Legal

Your low monthly rate includes all ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR licensing costs.

Subscribe To SiriusXM Music for Business today

$26.95 per month  –  No contracts  –  SiriusXM Music for Business  | Free App, or $79 Dedicated Business Player – Limited Time Only

How to Set Up the Web Player

  1. Subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business by clicking the blue button below.
  2. Once subscribed, you will receive login information by email.
  3. On your computer, access the Web Player at
  4. Enter the login information (username & password) you received by email.
  5. Select your music channel and press play.
Web Player SirusXM IMAC

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SiriusXM Business Player

Grace Digital BR3 Player

The dedicated player that you can control like a regular radio.

Sonos Speaker

Sonos Speaker

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Satellite Radio

XM satellite radio for business equipment package

For sites with no Internet connection. Includes satellite radio and install kit.

Mobile Device

SiriusXM for business mobile app

Stream from your iOS, Android, or Kindle using the FREE mobile app


SiriusXM for business web player

Stream from your PC, Mac, or internet-connected computer.

Connected Device

SiriusXM connected devices for music for business

Stream from your Apple TV, Amazon, Alexa, or any SiriusXM-enabled device

Frequently Asked Questions About SiriusXM Web Player for Business

What is the SiriusXM Web Player?

The Web Player allows you to stream the SiriusXM Music for Business Featuring Pandora Artist Radio Service directly from your computer. Log on to the web player from any internet-connected computer at and enter your username and password.  Once logged in you will have immediate access to all of the great SiriusXM + Pandora business music programming.

How do I use the Web Player?

Getting set up on the Web Player is fast and easy. You are only a few steps away from the most powerful business background music subscription on the planet.

  1. Subscribe to the SiriusXM Music for Business service.
  2. Once subscribed, you will receive login information by email.
  3. Log on to the SiriusXM Web Player at
  4. Enter your username and password
  5. Select your music channel and press play.

Does the Web Player support business subscriptions and personal subscriptions?

Yes, there is only one Web Player, and it supports both the business and personal subscription service. When you log in to the Web Player with your username and password, the system will give you access to the channels in the personal music service.

When you log in to the Web Player with your business username and password, the system will give you access to all of the content included in the business subscription, including 240+ SiriusXM channels, of which are programmed exclusively for business use, 100+ Xtra channels to keep your vibe fresh and fabulous, and the full slate of 15,000+ Pandora Artist Radio stations.

Can I use my SXM streaming subscription to listen on other devices?

Your SiriusXM Music for Business Featuring Pandora Artist Radio Streaming Subscription gives you listening access from hundreds of devices. This includes your iOS, Android, Kindle mobile device, Apple TV, Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast, Roku, Sonos, Sony PlayStation, Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Blu-ray players, and any SiriusXM-enabled streaming device.

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