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Get the SiriusXM App for business on iOS, Android, and
Kindle mobile devices
SiriusXM App Best Music Streaming App

Use the Siriusxm Mobile App to turn your mobile device into a music player

Put your mobile device to work in your business. With the SiriusXM Mobile App you’ll get Pandora Artist Radio, 240+ SiriusXM channels including exclusive business content and 100+ Xtra Channels. It’s music you can only find here.

Here’s what you’ll need

  1. An iOS, Android, or Kindle device that you can dedicate as your full-time music player.
  2. The ability to download the free  SiriusXM App
  3. A streaming subscription
  4. The ability to connect your device to your business audio system.
$26.95 per month

Free SirisuXM App

You’ll have music in minutes

Is the SiriusXM Mobile App right for you?

Mobile App Benefits

  1. No hardware player purchase required
  2. Works on iOS, Android, and Kindle
    mobile devices
  3. Only takes minutes to set up
  4. Elegant and easy-to-use interface


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SiriusXM Mobile App Features

With the SiriusXM mobile app for business, you’ll have access to over 200 SiriusXM channels and thousands of artist stations that are completely customizable. Our music for business subscription includes:

Music in Minutes

Download the SiriusXM App to your mobile device and play music in minutes.

No Player Purchase

Use your existing iOS, Android, or Kindle device as your business music player. 

240+ SiriusXM Channels

240+ SiriusXM channels with exclusive business content and 100+ Xtra channels.

Pandora Artist Radio

10,000+ Pandora Artist Stations that you can customize using thumbs up/down.

Family Friendly Lyrics

Our business lineup offers family-friendly options with no explicit content or suggestive lyrics.

Avoid Ads & Interruptions

You’ll never hear ads, interruptions, or DJs on any of our dedicated business channels.

New Music Discovery

The SiriusXM App will recommend new channels and Pandora stations based on your listening habits.

Licensed and Legal

Your low monthly rate includes all ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR licensing costs.

Subscribe to SiriusXM Music for Business Featuring Pandora Artist Radio Today

$26.95 per month  –  No contracts  –  SiriusXM Business + Pandora Business  | Free App, or $79 Dedicated Business Player – Limited Time Only

How to Set Up the Mobile App

  1. Subscribe to the SiriusXM Business service by clicking the blue button below.
  2. Once subscribed, you will receive login information by email.
  3. Download the SiriusXM App from the app store or text “SiriusXM” to 77917.
  4. Launch the SiriusXM App on your mobile device.
  5. Enter the login information (username & password) you received by email.
  6. Select your music channel and press play.

Are you ready to subscribe?

Pick Your Business Music Player

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SiriusXM Business Player

Grace Digital BR3 Player

The dedicated player that you can control like a regular radio.

Sonos Speaker

Sonos Speaker

Already have Sonos? Want to get Sonos? Click here.

Satellite Radio

XM satellite radio for business equipment package

For sites with no Internet connection. Includes satellite radio and install kit.

Mobile Device

SiriusXM for business mobile app

Stream from your iOS, Android, or Kindle using the FREE mobile app


SiriusXM for business web player

Stream from your PC, Mac, or internet-connected computer.

Connected Device

SiriusXM connected devices for music for business

Stream from your Apple TV, Amazon, Alexa, or any SiriusXM-enabled device

Frequently Asked Questions About SiriusXM App For Business

What is the SiriusXM Business Mobile App?

The SXM App allows you to listen to SiriusXM Music for Business Featuring Pandora Artist Radio Service directly from your mobile device. You can listen on your iOS, Android, or Kindle device.

What are the features and benefits of the SXM App?

The SiriusXM app allows you to discover new channels to play in your business. The key features of the SiriusXM Music for Business app include:

  • SiriusXM Channels | Access to 240+ SiriusXM channels, including exclusive business channels and 100+ Xtra channels that provide new vibes for you to explore.
  • Pandora Artist Radio| With the tap of a button, you can create a Pandora Artist Station based on the artist playing when you tap the button. The app will immediately configure and play an endless stream of music based on the artist you selected intermixed with great music from similar artists.
  • Music Discovery| The SXM App will make personalized recommendations based on your music selections.
  • Recently Played | The SiriusXM App will provide a list of recently played songs and recently played channels. Hence, it’s always easy for you to reconnect to the music that you’ve previously played.


How do I download, set up, and update the SXM App on my mobile device?

Getting set up on the SiriusXM App is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Follow the instructions below, and your next stop will be amazing business background music:

SiriusXM App | First-Time Download and Setup

  1. Subscribe to the SiriusXM Music for Business service.
  2. Once subscribed, you will receive login information by email.
  3. For mobile users, download the SiriusXM App by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also receive a download link directly to your mobile device by texting SiriusXM to 77917.
  4. Launch the SiriusXM App on your mobile device.
  5. Enter the login information for your Music for Business subscription.
  6. Select your music channel and press play.

SiriusXM App| How to Update to the Latest Version

  1. When a new version of the app is available, your device will notify you via a notification.
  2. The notification will direct you to the proper store, where you will download and update.
  3. Launch the SiriusXM App once the installation is complete and enjoy the new and exciting features.

Can I use my SXM streaming subscription to listen on other devices?

Your SiriusXM Music for Business Featuring Pandora Artist Radio Streaming Subscription gives you listening access from hundreds of devices. This includes your iOS, Android, Kindle mobile device, Apple TV, Amazon Alexa, Google Chromecast, Roku, Sonos, Sony PlayStation, Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Blu-ray players, and any SiriusXM-enabled streaming device.

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Extended Warranty

Help us keep your music playing. Join the thousands of clients who have benefitted from our extended warranty program.

Reduce Downtime
  • Our extended warranty provides an advance replacement. The manufacturer's warranty does not.
  • In other words, we will immediately send you a new player if yours breaks.
  • Without the extended warranty, if your player breaks, you'll have to send it to our warranty team for analysis before we can replace it.
  • This process can take a 7-10 days between shipping and testing.
5 Year Coverage Options
  • Business players operate 24x7, often in environments hostile to electronic devices.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on this player.
  • Our extended warranty will provide replacement coverage for 5 years from your date of purchase.
  • Our goal is to keep your music playing.
  • This is why we make the extended warranty so inexpensive.
  • For the price of $1.00 per month, this is the best insurance you have agaisnt silence in your business.

Most Popular: SiriusXM Digital Streaming Player

The Grace Digital BR3 player is the most affordable and easy-to-use way to
get SirusXM into your business.

Grace Digital BR3 Player

Model: Grace Digital BR3 Player

SiriusXM Sound Station

Player + speaker combo for small offices. Play music anywhere you have Wi-Fi. Requires Streaming Subscription

Sonos Speaker

The all-in-one wireless speaker is also your business music player.
Requires Streaming Subscription

Satellite Radio

For sites with no Internet connection. Get music directly from the satellite and bypass your data network.

Use My Own Player

(Subscription Only)
Stream from your iOS, Android, Kindle, or any PC or MAC.

or call 844-229-1217

M-F, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

Streaming Music Package

For businesses with high-speed internet access

Satellite Music Package

For businesses that cannot use the internet for music

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SiriusXM Business Player Activate your existing SiriusXM business player
Satellite Radio Activate your existing Satellite Radio