SiriusXM Music for Business

SiriusXM SXBR2

Model #: GDI-SXBR2

SiriusXM Music for Business is the music you already love, made for your business. The SiriusXM Music for Business Internet Player links you to your streaming service via a wired (LAN Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi) connection. Enjoy over 200 music channels, including 30+ professionally curated channels offering a handcrafted music experience with absolutely no DJ or commercial interruptions. Great business music is all your customers and employees will hear.

SXBR2 Support Videos

SiriusXM SXBR2 Set Up Guide

Step-by-step instructions for the first-time set up of your Grace Digital SXBR2.

Scheduling Portal Overview

The complete guide to the SiriusXM remote scheduling portal. From initial setup to building schedules to advanced programming, this video covers it all.


SiriusXM Messaging Portal

player features


10 Channel Preset