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Background Music Strategy

10 Minute Read

How to Choose the Best Background Music for Hotels

by Ryan Santangelo, Ph.D., Co-Founder & CEO, Dynamic Media

Background music for hotels

Your guest’s experience begins as soon as they enter your property. Background music for hotels sets the mood to ensure guests get the most from their visit. One study reported that 84% of respondents say their experience is more enjoyable in establishments that play music.

But what’s the best way to pick hotel music? You want the right songs for welcoming guests and guiding them along their entire experience at your hotel. This article will examine the music selection process and the role SiriusXM Music for Business can play in your success.

Background music for hotels

Why Hotel Background Music Is Important

The background music you play sets the stage for every interaction your guests have with your hotel. Playing music:

  • Welcomes guests
  • Eases them into their morning
  • Energizes breakout sessions and working lunches
  • Motivates guests in the fitness center
  • Provides soothing sensations in the spa

Music makes memories, and carefully curated background music can create pleasant associations in your guests’ minds, leading them back to your hotel on their next visit.

Hotel Lobby Music

First impressions are crucial. Guests often arrive frazzled from a long journey and may have to wait in the reception area. Selecting light classical or jazz as your hotel lobby music can help relax guests and provide a welcoming atmosphere.
Hotel lobby music

Music for Your Hotel’s Restaurant

Dayparting — the art of selecting music based on the time of day — can be your friend in finding the best music for your hotel’s restaurant. Create playlists to enhance your guests’ experience at each meal, such as:

  • Soft music at breakfast
  • Upbeat tunes for lunch
  • Fun, popular music for the family dinner hour
  • Classical music for later, romantic dinners

Energetic music can keep your guests engaged at the bar for hours.

Fitness Center Choices

Background music for hotels extends to every location on a property, including the fitness center. High-energy songs are great for workouts, helping your guests find their groove and keep moving.

Spa Selections

Music shapes every experience, and a spa setting is no different. Spa patrons expect a certain level of sophistication, so you’ll want to skip the stereotypical tinkling bells and falling rain soundscapes. Soothing music is the way to go here.

Poolside Tunes

Hotel guests head to the pool to unwind, so you’ll want to set a relaxed vibe with your music selections. Low-key jazz or light tropical tunes are the best music for hotel pools, although hotels that cater to families or younger crowds may opt for more upbeat selections.

How to Legally Play Hotel Music

There are strict regulations surrounding music played in hotels and other businesses. You can’t just use your personal Spotify or Pandora playlists for hotel music. You need to make sure your music is appropriately licensed for public exhibition. SiriusXM Music for Business has you covered with thousands of selections already licensed and ready to go. We offer over 240 channels and 10,000+ Pandora artist stations so that you can find the best music.

Hotel background music

Tips for Selecting the Right Music for Your Hotel

Here are some helpful hints to get the most out of the music you choose to play at your hotel.

1. Branding Is Key

Decide on your hotel’s personality and keep your music selections aligned with your brand. Consistency is essential in meeting guests’ expectations.

2. Nothing Is Not an Option

Without background music, all sorts of strange noises can emerge, ruining your guest’s entire experience. Playing music helps smooth over glitches, enhancing everyone’s stay at your hotel.

3. Consider Your Target Audience

Think about who your typical guest is. If they’re older, you may want to forego pop music for adult contemporary. Younger crowds, on the other hand, respond to more modern upbeat tunes.

4. Create a Rhythm for the Day

You can use dayparting to create playlists for any section of your hotel, even for hotel lobby music:

  • Morning: soft music
  • Early afternoon: upbeat music
  • Mid-afternoon: energetic music
  • Evening: soothing music

5. Be Responsive

Are your guests complaining about music volume or selections? Consider fine-tuning your options to craft the perfect sound experience for your guests.

Rely on SiriusXM Music for Business for All Your Hotel Music Needs

With 240+ channels and over 10,000 Pandora artist stations, SiriusXM Music for Business offers the best music for hotels. For as little as $26.95 a month, you can take full advantage of our outstanding music selections. We also offer a dedicated streaming player as well as advanced features like scheduling and channel blocking for more control over what you play. Learn more about what SiriusXM Music for Business can do for you today.

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