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Discover how to use music to create a consistent brand experience and increase sales across all of your franchise locations with the 2023 Buyer’s Guide.

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Get Expert Analysis and Profiles of the Top Music Providers

Explore in-depth profiles of each provider with pricing models, product features, customer support, and a comprehensive review of their offerings with specific attention to the needs of franchise organizations. 

Use Music to Create a Consistent Brand Experience

Take control of your brand by ensuring that all remote locations are using on-brand, approved music with the Buyer’s Guide’s expert insights on controlling access to music.

Leverage Audio Messaging to Drive Sales

Learn how to insert custom audio ads between songs and turn your franchisees’ speaker systems into a powerful marketing tool.

Music Licensing Simplified

Navigate music licensing with ease, thanks to our simple breakdown of the legal requirements for applicable to all franchise systems. 

Learn About the Industry

Discover the ins and outs of the background music industry, including the varying types of subscriptions, player options, and music formats, to ensure your franchise organization optimizes the value of music. 

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